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For instance, you will be able to discover why people wear swim caps and what type of swim caps that you can get.

Silicone swim caps are generally regarded as the best type of cap than money can buy. They are slightly more costly but they pay for themselves in the long run.

Some of the main features of our silicone caps are this –

  • Durability – They are very stretchy and strong making them difficult to tear like latex caps.
  • Protection – Keep the UV sunlight and pool chemicals at bay and protect your hair.
  • Comfort – The softness and pliability of silicone insures a snug comfortable fit.
  • Warmth – Silicone keeps heat in much better than other caps, great for outdoors in cooler climates.
  • Speed – Smooth and less creases lessen hydrodynamic drag leading to faster speeds.

Our company started selling swim caps on Amazon.com in June 2014. From October 2014, we started our with swimming goggles. I have been marketing online since 2007 mostly selling ebooks and online courses but felt that I wanted a change of direction selling physical products, something that I had always wanted to do.

Because I was brought up on the beach and virtually lived in the sea in the summer holidays, I wanted to sell something to do with swimming, something I love to do. Hence, I started up CoboToOz and started selling on Amazon.

The CoboToOz name is derived from the beach that I used go to as a kid “Cobo” and the place where I want to build a house as soon as I can “Oz”, Australia of course.

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